Comag Srl, for more than 30 years

has been present on the market with advanced technological solutions that are unique in the world

Comag was founded in 1981 and today the design and production facility is located in Castrocielo, about 100 km south of Rome.

The company started by working in the design and the manufacturing of customised automation systems, specializing in the following years in machines for packaging and bottling.


Our goals

  • Design innovative packaging solutions to improve the quality of our customers’ products and production processes.
  • Obtain, through customer’s satisfaction, the acknowledgement of the value of our work and of our role as a partner in innovative technical development processes.

The company operates in the field of engineering innovation and consulting, and is able to support the major industries in the realization of their ideas. Comag is not only research and technological evolution, but also knowledge, highly qualified professionalism, and a high quality service at a competitive price.
Made up of a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, the company has an operational headquarters in Castrocielo where technological development and production operations are carried out, and an office in Bologna, in direct contact with the historical center of packaging automation in Italy

The particular attention given to the cost / performance ratio, high quality engineering and effective management of the calculation programs allow to develop projects that satisfy needs in different sectors of industrial design.

Our work involves geniality, creativity, versatility, problem solving and emotion that combined with knowledge, competence and ability generates continuous innovation, to design a sustainable future.

The company is a permanent observer of new technologies and their potential new applications.